Air Pollution is silently Killing People in India.


 Let’s start this article on a serious note with some news facts –

Mumbai and Delhi– the city of fashion and glamor has been one of the most affected victims of air pollution with about 80,665 premature deaths of adults over 30 years of age, a whopping 2 fold jump from 1995. If 80k sounds like a small number, then according to Greenpeace India report, every year 1.2 millions of people die due to air pollution in India.

Air pollution is silently killing people in India


This number of deaths is only a fraction less than the number of people dying due to tobacco usage. Apart from this, in economic terms about 3 percent of GDP is lost due to air pollution. A number of health impacts as a result of exposure to respiratory ailments keeps rising like this with every passing decade. Quite obviously, the capital of India, Delhi has recorded the highest number of deaths caused by ingestion of PM10 from the exhausts of vehicles, construction dust, etc. Following Delhi is Mumbai with causalities rising up from 19,291 to 32,014 in the last 20 years.

In 2015, air pollution was responsible for many cases of restricted activity days (RAD – less [productive days/days off for individuals) in commercial places. Apart from this, air pollution in the city has also led to 64,037 cases of emergency room visits by those suffering from respiratory ailments.

How is Air Pollution gradually harming?

This ever increasing rise in air pollution has led to an apocalypse because of unbreathable air. In spite of such high rates of death every year, the government officials are laying a deaf ear to the matter.

According to the reports by Greenpeace, it says that just a few cities that too only in southern India have got fresh and unpolluted air. However, the rest of the cities in India are least bothered about the ever growing harm to the environment. The reasons that make India such a polluted country are rapid industrialization, population growth, and the increasing population. Apart from this, there is a rise in vehicle traffic too which results in energy from dirty sources like coal, wood, and dung.

Steps Taken by Government of India

India has now pledged to transit to renewable energy. By 2027, it aims to obtain 60% of country’s electricity from non-fossil fuel sources. India is the world’s fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gasses so this move could be a big win for the climate. Apart from this, it would help to curb the issues related to air pollution and solve matters that are plaguing the Indian cities. There have also been many investments made to construct solar capacities because many millions of people in India (basically the rural cities) use polluting sources like wood and cow dung to cook their food which is harmful to the environment.

Precautions –

While the government is doing its work trying to reduce the levels of air pollution in Delhi, here are a few precautions you can take to protect your health.

air pollution in india


  • Check your area’s AQI (Air quality index).
  • Try a morning workout if you exercise outdoors. You can go for a morning walk too.
  • Avoid heavy traffic whenever possible.
  • When stuck in traffic, set your fan in the car to re-circulate.
  • Take a break and consider a trip to some hilly areas.
  • Never smoke indoors.

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