Cement Tests at Construction Site to Check Quality of Cement


It is important to check the quality of cement at every construction site at the time of inspection. This helps to determine the cement quality by scrutinizing its color, touch, feel and other tests. While it is not possible to determine each and every technical qualities of cement, there still exists some field test to check this.

Cement Tests at Construction Site to Check Quality of Cement

All the field tests that exist to Check the Quality of Cement.

The Color Test

In general, the color of cement should always be uniform. The basic color of cement is grey with light greenish shade. This color indicates the excess of lime and clay in the cement.

Presence of Lumps

One way to check the quality of cement is to see that there are no lumps formed in it. This usually happens when moisture absorbs from the atmosphere and such bags of cement should be immediately discarded.

Adulteration Test 

Take a small amount of cement in your hand and rub it with your fingers. The cement should feel smooth on rubbing. However, if it is rough, that means the cement is adulterated with sand.

Temperature Test

This is one of the easiest way to check quality of cement. All you have to do is put your hands inside the bag of cement. If it is cold then the cement’s quality is good. If it is feels warm then that indicates no hydration reaction is taking place inside that bag of cement.

Float Test

Take a bucket of water and throw in a handful of cement in it. The particles should first float across the surface before sinking at the bottom.

Setting Test 

Take some cement and water and mix them together to get a thick paste. Cover it over a glass plate and keep it aside for 24 hours. When you check after that, remember that the cement paste should set and not crack.

Date of Packing 

It is very essential to check the manufactured date on the packets of cement before buying it. The strength of cement reduces with time and so it is required to use it within 90 days of the date of packing.

Smell Test 

Take a handful of cement and smell it. The cement would give an earthly smell if it is adulterated with too much clay and sand.

Thus, these are the different methods you can try to check the quality of cement before using it for any purpose.

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