Do You Know What These Hazardous Chemical Symbols Mean?


Chemicals are much an integrated part of our lives. Therefore, strict regulations are made to make sure that those chemicals we use are safely packaged as well as properly labeled. It also comes with an advice on how to use the product safely.

However, there are numerous hazards while handling chemicals. Some might cause burns; some might be poisonous while others could easily explode. Thus, to warn us of those chemical effects, some hazard symbols are used for every chemical. You should be aware of these symbols of hazards and read the instructions that follow with it carefully.

Hazard Symbols Meaning

You Should Know What These Hazardous Symbols Mean –

Flammable Hazardous Symbol Meaning

As the picture itself suggests, this symbol is present in containers which carry flammable chemicals like benzene, petrol, etc. You should remember to keep them away from open flames as there is a risk of catching fire.

flammable hazarduous symbol

Explosive Hazardous Symbol Meaning

This symbol means that the container has explosives inside, for example, sulphur, etc. Even these containers should be kept away from flames and heat.

Explosives Hazard symbol


Corrosive Chemicals Hazardous Symbol Meaning

This symbol represents corrosive chemicals. Extreme precautions should be taken while using this chemical and they should not be brought closer to skin and clothes. It can cause burns.

Corrosive hazarduous symbol

Poisonous Hazardous Symbol Meaning

This is one of the most known symbols that signify danger. It is present on poisonous and toxic chemicals that can be very hazardous when swallowed or inhaled. It might even go inside your skin and cause death.

Poison hazarduous symbol

Oxidizers Hazardous Symbol Meaning

This symbol means oxidizers. They can worsen existing fire as they ignite flammable material.

Oxidisers hazard symbol

Harmful Substances Hazardous Symbol Meaning

This cross sign with an ‘h’ below it means that the substance is harmful in some ways.

Irritant Hazard Symbol

Irritant Substances Hazardous Symbol Meaning

Likewise, the same symbol with the letter ‘i’ below it means that the chemical might irritate your skin, eyes or the insides of your body.

Irritant Hazard Symbol

Environment Hazardous Label Meaning

As the picture very clearly shows, this symbol is related to the environment. The symbol is known as an environmental hazard and can cause damage or pollution to the environment.

Environment hazard symbol

Radiation Hazardous Symbol Meaning

This symbol is known as Radiation. They can cause damage cells and cancer if exposed to the body.

Radiation Hazard symbol

All the hazard symbols are mentioned in the catalog from Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). It is for your safety that you should recognize all these symbols and their precautions before using any chemical substances.

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