Is your coffee safe to drink?


How to test the Purity of Coffee Powder :- Most of us can’t make it through a day without a cup of coffee and it’s not very hard to see why. Coffee is like fuel to a modern man. Take an example of your office only. Just look around during the morning hours and you will find a majority of people starting their day with a cup of coffee.

But what majority of these people don’t know is that the coffee they are drinking might just not be coffee. It can be a whole package of chicory powder, tamarind seeds, starch, acorns, twigs, dirt, and sawdust. And needless to say that all these things are harmful to human bodies.

As per records, Coffee is the second-most-traded commodity in the world. And the problem of adulteration is just going to increase as climate variations will possibly create coffee shortage globally and will push up prices, making it a lot more profitable for fraudsters.

How to test the purity of coffee powder

The caffeine content is already presumed to be harmful by some people and now the information about adulteration might be just too much for you.

But there is a solution for that and you can test Purity of Coffee Powder at your home within few minutes by following these simple steps :-

  • Take water in a glass.

  • Gently sprinkle the coffee powder on the surface of the water in the glass.

  • The coffee flows on the surface of the water whereas chicory or any other impurity will begin to sink down within few seconds.

  •  Also, the falling chicory powder will leave a trail of color behind due to a large amount of caramel in it.

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