Kolkata man held for selling ‘fake’ eggs made out of plastic


Adulteration is such a bizarre… especially when it comes down to your own home and your own lovely fridge. Wouldn’t it be? Have you ever wondered what would happen when you end up in getting Fake eggs in your refrigerator?

Artificial/Fake Eggs made of plastic found in Kolkata

Recently in one such case, a shopkeeper from Kolkata was arrested by the police in the city’s Tiljala area, West Bengal for selling plastic eggs! Sounds bizarre, right? The complainant Mrs. Anita Kumar filed a case against the shopkeeper near Karaya police station. After this, the serious investigation started and the corrupt egg seller was arrested and all the eggs in his possession were seized. As of now, those eggs are sent for testing.


artificial 'fake' eggs made out of plastic

The accused has been named as Mohammed Shamin Ansari who was first detained by the Kolkata police enforcement branch for possession and selling of fake eggs, has now been finally arrested on the charges of fraud and criminal conspiracy

Apart from this, the Mayor-in-Council (health) Atin Ghosh formed a team of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Kolkata police enforcement to raid various markets in the city. They seized eggs which were later sent to the laboratory for testing. The KMC team even approached the wholesale seller from whom Ansari used to buy his (plastic) eggs. One crate of eggs from his possession has been seized which is now sent for testing purposes.

According to the police, Ansari bought eggs worth Rs. 1.15 lakh from this wholesale seller. Food adulteration is a punishable offense as stated in the Food Safety and Standards Act. If these eggs are found to be hazardous to the lives of consumers, the offenders may pay a heavy price of life imprisonment and huge fines.

How can you identify fake eggs?

  • 'fake' eggs made out of plasticWhen you break the fake egg shell, the white of the egg and the egg yolk would soon mix together.
  • Notice the appearances carefully. A fake egg shell would always be shinier than the real egg.
  • Feel it – touch the egg you just bought. If it’s rough then your egg might be fake.
  • If you shake the fake egg without breaking it then it would make noises because water overflows from the solid agent.
  • A real egg would smell a bit like raw meat apparently.
  • If you tap a fake egg and a real egg you will notice a difference. The sound of the real egg would be crisper than the fake one.
  • While frying a fake egg, the yolk will spread without being touched whereas real egg would not behave like that.

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