How to Make pH Indicator Strips at Home?


Want to make pH indicator strips at home? Follow the given guidelines and there you go! It’s pretty easy once you are careful with the steps.

pH indicators at home can be made with red cabbage. Red cabbage has a chemical called anthocyanins which changes it’s color when exposed to acid and base, anthocyanins are purple in color when exposed to normal pH.

Ingredients Required

Red cabbage, Blender, Strainer, Isopropyl alcohol, Normal sheets, Towel, A wide vessel

Make your own pH indicator strips at home:

make ph indicator strips at home

1. Blending of some red cabbage

Red cabbage has a chemical called anthocyanins, we need to extract this chemical. Chop the cabbage and put it in the blender. Add some hot water to it and continue blending till it turns purple.

Caution: Do not use green cabbage, as it doesn’t contain the chemical anthocyanins.

2. Pour the mixture through a strainer

For better results, we must strain it through the filter paper in order to get rid of the lumps of cabbage. Separate the clear solution.

3. Add some isopropyl alcohol to the solution

In order to prevent bacterial growth, it’s necessary to add isopropyl a. Add about 50mL of isopropyl alcohol. The solution might start changing its color, add vinegar until it turns purple again.

4. Soak the paper in the solution

First of all, pour the solution in a wide vessel. Soak the paper in the solution, make sure that the paper is totally immersed in the solution.

5. Dry the Paper

After the paper is soaked properly, allow them to dry on a towel, probably leave them overnight. Place them far from one another, so that they don’t overlap.

6. pH indicator strips are ready to use

Once they are dry you can cut them into small pieces. Make sure you store them in an airtight container so as to prevent them from environmental contamination.

You can also use rose or berries instead of red cabbage to make ph indicator strips because they also contain anthocyanins. Use your pH indicator strips to test the desired substances.

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