Delhi-based LabGo brings laboratory product testing services closer to customers.

The decade-long experience inside laboratories helped develop an urge in 33-year-old Rahul Gupta to venture out on his own. The stints in numerous testing and calibration laboratories made him realize the pain of looking for accredited laboratories. In September 2015, he started online search engine LabGo for testing and calibration laboratories across India. 

Now, an online service to find testing centers across India.

LabGo will soon a first ever-online directory for searching laboratories across India.The firm’s aim is to provide an e-platform for testing and calibration service search in India. LabGo covers over 1400 labs and testing centers across India. Additionally, all the labs from across India, that hold a certificate of accreditation for the products and services that they offer, are covered. This is what makes the website cent percent authentic and reliable.




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LabGo Brings Laboratories  And Customers Closer

LabGo is the first-ever online directory for searching laboratories across India, providing an e-commerce platform for testing and calibration services in the Indian market. The idea behind this venture is to bring laboratories and its potential customer’s closer by providing them a platform for convenient communication. Rahul Gupta, founder and CEO, LabGo, takes pride in providing B2B solutions to over 1400 NABL and ACCAB accredited labs across India.



iamwire (1)LabGo: Google for Finding Product Testing Labs Across the Country.

There are about 1500 testing laboratories for over one lakh products. If we go into the specifics some products require different testing techniques and some don’t even require it. Though testing part isn’t necessary for things like drinking water at schools, safety concerns are important than rules. Talking about the visibility of these labs, 30% of them don’t even have a website.


imagesFinding new pastures in testing lab   space.

There are 1,500 testing labs in India, of which 400 are calibration labs that help you for instance to match your wristwatch time to the exact Indian Standard Time. The idea behind this venture is to bring laboratories and its potential customers closer by providing them a platform for convenient communication. Even today 25 per cent of the labs do not have their own websites where customers can reach them and they have no concept of marketing.

downloadLabGo: an online directory of testing labs in India is launched.

SGM Lab Solution has launched LabGo —  a useful innovative online search engine to cater to the needs of testing and calibrating lab search.