What is RoHs Testing and why it is required?


Is your product made from the right material? How would you know?

Let us first know what does this strange term RoHS actually mean. Both the definition and goal of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) testing is quite simple. As we all know, there are certain toxic substances used in the making of electronic products and electrical equipment. The harmful substances used are lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and many more. The RoHS testing basically puts a restriction on the levels of these poisonous substances that can be used in those electrical products.

What is RoHs Testing

Your only challenge is to see that no electrical product should exceed the RoHS limit of 0.1% when calculated by weight of homogenous material. Also, there should be less than 100 ppm of mercury.

Advantages of RoHS Testing -Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Health Benefits

  • Due to RoHS testing there would be a reduction of damage to the environment and to common people. This is an important factor in the third-generation countries because all the high-tech trash ends up here.
  • RoHS testing determines that lead free solders and components should be used. This vastly benefits the health of electronic workers in manufacturing operations. As compared to earlier, there are no health hazards now due to contact with solder paste.

Reliability Concerns

  • There had been widespread predictions of component failures as well as reduced reliability. However, ironically RoHS first anniversary, July 2007 was a hit.
  • The printed circuit board of RoHS goes through traditional formulations in fabrication thermal shock, solder paste printability, contact resistance, and aluminum wire bonding performance and nearing their performance in other attributes.

RoHs TestingBenefits to Companies

  • Almost 25% of the companies say that due to RoHS testing, they had an improvement in its supply chain process.
  • Nearly 20% said that RoHS required them to cut down on the number of products.
  • 15% of the companies got an advantage because they gained market share due to RoHS.

Since the RoHS testing has gained popularity with its benefits, there are a number of other jurisdictions who have started creating similar Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation. There are a number of Indian Laboratories that provide with these RoHS testing services.

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