How Safe are your Green Peas?


It’s really common when you go to the vegetable market for peas you straight away head towards a stack of bright emerald green peas. But what you really don’t know is that this pile may just be a heap of dried peas soaked in green synthetic colour.

In fact, you will be shocked to know that what looks like bright green peas is actually dried white peas (Safed watana) soaked in artificial green colour.

To check this, I went to the market and purchased frozen peas for 20 per 250gms. When I came back home, I felt something was not right about the peas. I put some peas in water and guess what? The water turned green.

So I request please don’t eat your favourite pulao. Because your peas are being artificially coloured using a dangerous chemical called malachite green.

how safe are your green peas??


This malachite green colour is usually used to accentuate bright, glowing colour of green vegetables. Scientists have found out that exposure to this malachite green colour may cause stomach disorders, allergic reactions, genetic mutations, raise a risk of cancer, and can severely harm the human reproductive system. Earlier it was used as a fungicide in some countries but was supposed to be banned internationally in the 1990s.

This synthetic colour may contain all kinds of chemicals, which may be harmful to your body over a period of time. So the only way to save yourself is to be aware and check the quality of peas you are buying from time to time.

How to check the purity of green peas?

Adulterant : Synthetic colour-Malachite Green (To accentuate the bright, glowing green colour of the vegetables). 

  • Take a few green peas in a 250 ml beaker.

  • Add water to it.

  • Mix well.

  • Let it stand for half an hour.

  • Clear separation of colour in water indicates adulteration.

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