Some Side effects of legally prescribed drugs


Prescription drugs were meant to save lives, but on the contrary, they have together started a battle that takes lives. There have been innumerable cases recorded where patients have suffered or died from prescription drugs. This puts a question hanging in the air – Why are prescribed medications that are harmful to the people even allowed in the markets?

Almost every prescriptions and medicines have some kind of a side effect to it which can prove to be dangerous sometimes. These side effects are inevitable because the benefits almost outweigh the dangers. These side effects vary from person to person, the disease a patient is suffering from, age, gender, weight, ethnicity and overall heath. So what are the terrifying side effects that come with prescribed drugs?

Side effects of legal prescribed drugs

Read on below – Serious side effects of legally prescribed drugs

  • It causes death – It can cause cancer, heart attacks and many other illnesses which can cause death.
  • Physical debilitation – Many drugs can be physically and emotionally debilitating, including causing total or partial paralysis or severe pain. It can cause you headaches, problems in the stomach, joint pains, etc.
  • Heart conditions – Prescribed drugs can cause problems in heart for example heart attacks, lifelong heart damage, etc.
  • Stroke – Strokes usually happen when there is a blood flow disturbance and hence a loss in brain functions. Consuming prescribed drugs can cause blood clots to form and hence these drugs are often linked with strokes that occur in a patient’s body.
  • Kidney Damage – If you regularly consume prescribed drugs, it is most likely that you might end up suffering from kidney damage which has long term effects.

Common Side Effects –

  • Dizziness – It might seem a very common issue to you but dizziness can have disastrous consequences. Especially for the elder patients, they might fall down due to feeling dizzy and break their bones. It is also a very uncomfortable feeling.
  • Nausea – Often nausea and vomiting are considered to be a light illness but they can bring about a lot of medical problems. Nausea is also related to dehydration, internal bleeding and esophageal rupture that can even cause death.
  • Defects in the tongue – It can sometimes cause weird symptoms like your tongue can turn swollen, black or hairy.
  • Problems with eyes – Prescribed drugs can affect your eyes too as it causes drainage, crusting and oozing of the eyelids/eyes.
  • The testicle size decreases – Yes! Prescribed drugs can actually do that!
  • You can observe that your nails or lips have turned blue and there are purple spots all over your skin.
  • Psychological effects – there would be an unusual sense of risk-taking behavior, extreme fear, hallucinations, coma, fainting, getting irritated, fussiness, crying for no reason, etc.
  • Cough – Not just simple cough but a cough with blood and vomits looking like coffee grounds.

This is just a partial list of the side effects of prescribed drugs. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of more sickness out there that can be caused. If you are a patient, then the best way to avoid these side effects would be to carefully read the drug’s label, ingredients and also ask the doctor/pharmacist the detailed questions.

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