How to test electrical circuits at home?


Electrical circuits at home might prove to be dangerous as they bring about a lot of problems. These could be wrong wirings around the house to defective cords and plugs.

But how does a short circuit happen?

When a hot wire comes in contact with a neutral wire, the extra current that flows through the circuit makes the breaker to trip and the fuse blows.

How could you safely test electrical circuits at home?

how to test electrical circuits at home?

Before using any of the methods to test electrical circuits, it is important to note that the switch, main panel and the sub panel that controls the circuit is turned off. Double check it for your own safety.

Circuit tester

One way to test electrical circuit is using a circuit tester which ensures that no circuit is flowing through it. You have to be careful while using this device or better call an electrician.

  • First of all, hold the insulated parts of the probes and bring the metal end of the black probe to touch the conductor or the metal box.
  • Touch the end of the red probe to the bare wire that is usually hot.
  • If there is a circuit then the tester would eventually light up or give some other signal.

Testers – multi-meter, neon light tester and a voltmeter

It’s time to invest in testers now because they are comparatively inexpensive and save you from the sudden electrical shocks too. These testers usually contain a neon light bulb which would be attached to the two leads. It is used to test the electrical circuits at home.

  • Insert the two leads into any outlet.
  • If the circuit is hot then the bulb would light on otherwise it would remain off if the circuit is dead.
  • Multi meters are used test voltage and ohms.


It is very essential to test electrical circuits with precision and care because you might get dangerous shocks resulting in anything from a slight tingling sensation to immediate cardiac arrest. It is better if you call in an electrician to do it for you.

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